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September, a perfect time to visit Ibiza and Cala Jondal beach

Por | September 18, 2013 | Promenades | 0 Comentarios

We are in the month of September in Ibiza, a wonderful time for enjoying the island and all its attractions. From the blog of Tropicana Beach Club & Restaurant we claim this month of the year as one of the best to enjoy the Pitiusan island at its best.

July and August are past and here is September. One of the biggest differences is the temperature which is still hot, of course, but it doesn’t reach those high temperatures that in occasions aren’t very nice.

Another reason why the month of September is a very attractive time is because is not as crowded as the previous months. During this month of September you have all the touristic services, businesses and facilities at your disposal, yet in a more relaxed atmosphere. For those who are looking for lively atmosphere will surely find it, yet without haste, bustle, less queues… And for those who like the quiet and peaceful side of Ibiza will be delighted. Without any doubt, another advantage of enjoying Ibiza during this month are the lower accommodation prices as well as lower travelling prices for coming to Ibiza, both by air and sea. The prices will be slightly better.

A month for enjoying, without the full summer heat, the best coves and beaches, the best parties, cuisine, shopping… And without the so crowded places that can sometimes be not very nice. September, a lovely month to get to know and discover all the different sides of the Pitiusan island, Ibiza.

From Tropicana Beach Club & Restaurant we recommend you visiting the island on the month of September as one of the best times. From our blog we will keep bringing you the best suggestions and recommendations so you can fully enjoy the island of Ibiza.

See you next week. Greetings from Cala Jondal, Ibiza.

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