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10 Things you can not miss in Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza

Por | September 24, 2013 | Promenades | 0 Comentarios

From our blog here at Tropicana Beach Club & Restaurant we’ve compiled for you a most useful post: the ten things you absolutely can’t miss in the municipality of San José.

1. Tropicana Beach Club & Restaurant. What can we say? One of the best beach clubs in Ibiza. No doubt about it!

2. La Torre des Savinar, also known as La Torre del Pirata. “Torre” means“tower” and this is one of the most impressive pirate towers in Ibiza. Itsviews  over Es Vedrà and the shimmering sea around it are nothing short of spectacular. It’s a place you’ll fall in love with.

3. Sa Talaia. This is the highest mountain on the island of Ibiza (475 metres).  Ideal for nature lovers, the views from the top will make the hike up worth the while. (Driving is also an option!)

4. Las Salinas Natural Park. One of the Balearic’s most unsuspected treasures, this area has been a nature reserve since 1995 and a Natural Park since 2001. Within its ecosystem, many and varied communities of indigenous plants and animals coexist in an environment where salt is the predominant feature. Magnificent beaches are only a stone’s throw away.

5. Sunsets at Cala Conta Beach. Also known as Platges de Compte, this series of beaches is one of the most beautiful seascapes on the Ibicenco coastline. It is famed for its magnificent sunsets – with a cool groove.

6. Cala Jondal Beach. This is where we are located (Tropicana) and, naturally, we can’t help being somewhat partial to its crystalline waters, wild Ibicenco air and beautiful people. Perfect!

7. Village of San Agustín. Located between San Jose and San Antonio, this is a true and authentic Ibicenco village. Small. Charming. Sleepy. It is the embodiment of the real Ibiza.

8. Es Vedrà and its little brother Es Vedranell. Always incredible, always magic, these rocky islets have become a reference point for artists across the spectrum.  Ibiza is not complete without them, whether you contemplate them from the coast or explore them by boat.

9. Porroig Bay. This picturesque stretch of Ibicenco coastline is characterized by fishermen’s huts and uncommon beauty. Its crystalline waters lap the shores of a beach far off the beaten track. Quiet and authentic.

10. A Place called “Atlantis”. This is neither beach nor cove nor anything like what we are used to seeing along the coast. It is a magic and unique place in Ibiza, with its strange rock formations carved out by the hand of man. It was formerly a sandstone quarry where much of the stone for the Dalt Vila walls was excavated in the 16th century. The deep pools and flat slabs that remain create an eerie beauty bathed by amazing crystalline waters.

 So there you have them, ten must-see stops in San José. We’ll see you next week with more tempting suggestions.

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