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A route through the villages in San José, Ibiza

Por | May 23, 2013 | Promenades | 0 Comentarios

From Tropicana Beach Club‘s blog, we want to bring to you every week the best news of what’s going on in Ibiza as well as tempting activities you can do such as visiting nice and cool places, lovely villages, the best gastronomy and cuisine, cool events and really nice walking routes in the island of Ibiza, so you can fully enjoy our wonderful island.

We will also bring to you all the information about interesting things going on at our Beach Club so you can get to know us a little bit better and have a great time at Tropicana.

Today we are going to show you three small and typical villages in the San José township (Sant Josep de Sa Talaia) and where you can find, as well, some of the best beaches in Ibiza and of course, the beach of Cala Jondal, where Beach Club Tropicana is located.

Let’s start with the township’s capital, of the same name, Sant Josep de sa Talaia (this name makes reference to its location, on the highest mountain of Ibiza, Sa Talaia,with 475 meters). It’s a small urban core (just like all of ibiza villages, due to the fact that the houses are scattered throughout the field. Though it has grown recently and it’s highly valued. Like in most Ibicenco villages, the church is the most important building, in fact, a long time ago the buildings were used not only as churches, but as defense fortress for all the neighbours against foreign pirate attacks up until the 18th Century. In San Jose you will also find some bars, shops and very nice cafés and terraces.

Now let’s make a stop at a very small village, yet one of the most charming villages of the island. Sant Agustí des Vedrà, located between San José and San Antonio. A little quiet and peaceful rural village, you’ll see a church, a very pretty town square right in front of the church and some typical Ibicenco houses (casas payesas), very authentic and traditional. A bar, Can Berri. And a restaurant, Can Berri Vell, which is housed in a lovely “casa payesa”. Around the town you can enjoy the Ibiza fields, rustic farmhouses, stone walls, almond trees, carob trees, fig trees. Everything very typical Ibicenco, and peaceful…

And the third Ibizan village we’re visiting today, and very close to Cala Jondal, is Es Cubells. At only 10 minutes from our Beach Club, Tropicana. The village of Es Cubells has an incredibly nice situation which gives it a very special charm, due to the fact that it’s right on the edge of an amazing cliff with fantastic sea views. It’s a very small village surrounded by extensive fields and estates with spectacular villas and rustic farmhouses, some of them luxurious. In the village there’s a Sisters Convent and a church. A very nice walk which you’ll find lovely is going on a path right behind the church that leads right down to the sea level while you can enjoy the fantastic sights and sea views.


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