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Crystal clear waters, diving in Cala Jondal beach - Tropicana Ibiza

Por | August 13, 2013 | Promenades | 0 Comentarios

It’s our intention to bring you every week the best and most tempting suggestion and recommendations so you can fully enjoy the island of Ibiza, Cala Jondal beach and Tropicana Beach Club. And today we thought of something that has to do with the wonderful sea and its crystal clear waters.

Right from the first moment you get to Cala Jondal beach you’ll realise why its seawater is so appreciated. Always crystal clear, shiny, with marvelous turquoise colour tones and very clean. It’s a true luxury to take a swim during the summer, when the water temperature is perfect so you can cool off from the summer heat.

After mentioning this you’ll know why the beach of Cala Jondal, as well as almost all of Ibiza’s beaches and coves, are privileged spots for going diving and snorkeling. You’ll really enjoy the seabed with its superb Posidonia sea meadows (Mediterranean seagrass) and corals, and the varied and colourful underwater life. The seabed is very well conserved and unspoilt. Very calm waters and so clear that you’ll have the sense of flying instead of diving. And, as we mentioned before, another great attraction is the water temperature during these summer months, which is around 26ºC, and makes it a true delight to practice this activity.

On the same beach of Cala Jondal you can enjoy as much as you want with this fun and simple summer hobby, diving and snorkeling, for which you only need a pair of goggles and you’re ready to jump into the water! But for those who really want to enjoy and take a better look at the incredible Ibizan seabed, there are many diving centers and courses in many areas of the Ibizan coast. Some of the the best spots for practicing this sport in Ibiza are the Conejera canyon, the islet of Es Vedrà, Las Bledas islets… Tons of places!

And after a few hours of enjoying the seawater at its best, what’s better than having a nice and cold drink while relaxing on Tropicana’s Beach Club terrace and enjoying the lovely sea views. Can you think of anything better?

Next week we’ll bring you some more tempting suggestions from Tropicana Beach Club & Restaurant blog.

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