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Pleasures at Tropicana beach restaurant, Ibiza

Por | June 09, 2014 | Recipes | 0 Comentarios

Tropicana Beach Restaurant is not only at one of the most fashionable and chic beaches of Ibiza, Cala Jondal beach, but also offers very interesting traditional Ibizan and Mediterranean seafood and international dishes. One of the best pleasures we can enjoy there, right on the sand with a great seaview, is a delicious and healthy fresh seafood dish: turbot stuffed with lobster and crab sauce.

And today we’re showing you the recipe to prepare this delicious seafood dish, which is simple but takes a long time to prepare and includes many ingredients. The recipe is for four people. The ingredients you need are a turbot of 1 kg (2.2 lbs), a lobster, leek, celery, onion, spinach, fish stock and seasonal vegetables which we’ll cook in tempura style.

The first thing to do is to take the turbot, clean it, open it and remove the bones. We’ll leave it aside and we’ll focus on preparing the filling. For this we’ll cook the lobster. When it’s ready, we’ll chop up the lobster meat and sauté it with a base of seasonal vegetables. Then we flambé it all with cognac and add some fish stock until it’s well done.

On the other hand we have to start preparing the sauce which will go along with the recipe. To do this we’ll take a wide pan and sauté the sea crabs with a base of onion, leek and celery. We’ll also flambé it all with cognac and we’ll add some fish stock. We have to cook it, crush it and then strain it and then mix the sauce well.

Once the filling and the sauce are ready it’s time to take the turbot that we left aside in the beginning. We’ll carefully stuff the turbot with the lobster mixture and we will put it in the oven for about ten minutes until the fish is cooked. After we take it out of the oven we’ll carefully put it on a dish with some cooked spinach on the base. On top of the spinach we’ll place the stuffed turbot with a string of sauce over it, and accompanied with seasonal vegetables that we previously cooked in tempura style.

A very healthy, elaborated and delicious dish we can enjoy at Tropicana Restaurant, ideal for celebrations with family, friends or business events. Tropicana Restaurant is also dedicated to organizing weddings and all kinds of important events.

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