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Delights of Tropicana Beach Club: Seafood Paella

Por | May 23, 2013 | Recipes | 0 Comentarios
Paella Tropicana Ibiza

Today we begin a series of posts on our blog: Delights of Tropicana, in which we will bring to you many different proposals for enjoying our Beach Club even more. We’re starting with the gastronomic side of Tropicana.

What is better than enjoying a nice and tasteful seafood paella sitting on our restaurant terrace. It’s simply wonderful! So today we’re going to show you a few tricks for cooking an incredibly delicious fish and seafood paella.

The most important thing is to use first quality local ingredients.

So let’s start. For cooking a paella, first we have to stir-fry the shellfish and seafood (it will depend on what’s fresh that day at the market, but usually we’ll use shrimp, crab leg, cuttlefish…). We remove the seafood and we’ll start to stir-fry the vegetables (red pepper, green pepper and onion). Then we’ll sauté the fish, and this part is very important, because we’ll use fresh Ibicenco fish: mero (grouper), “sirvia”, “dentón” and monkfish, but of course, depending on what’s fresh at the market that day.

Once the vegetables are ready, we’ll add the shellfish and tomato, we’ll wait for a few minutes to add the rice, which we’ll also stir-fry. Then we’ll add the fish stock (which we have made previously using the fish bones as well as the parts of the fish that we don’t use) and we’ll also add the fish along with mussels.

Then we’ll wait about 15 to 20 minutes approximately until the rice is done. Be careful not to overcook it! And afterwards we’ll finish cooking it in the oven. This is quite important.

And now you are ready to enjoy it! Though we have only given you a few tricks, if you really want to taste and enjoy a paella like this one, the best way is coming to our restaurant.

At Tropicana Restaurant you can also enjoy a wide selection of traditional Ibizan dishes as well as Mediterranean and international cuisine dishes. At night time, our restaurant becomes a very romantic place, perfect for an intimate dinner.

Tropicana Restaurant is also the perfect place for celebrating weddings, birthdays, stag parties, hen parties and any kind of events.

Tropicana Beach Club is open everyday of the week from 1pm to 12 midnight.

Reservation phone numbers: +34 971 802 640 or +34 971 187 520. Email:

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