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Delights of Tropicana Beach Club: Turbot Supreme

Por | July 22, 2013 | Recipes | 0 Comentarios

As you all know, the aim of our blog here at the Tropicana Beach Club is to bring you different suggestions every week about how to enjoy your stay on Ibiza as well as tips on how to maximize your experience of Cala Jondal. Today our topic is gastronomy and how easy it is to practice the art of good eating at our restaurant. We have chosen one dish in particular that is very popular with our customers. We’ll give you a sneak preview as to what it consists of and how it is made.


Whenever we talk about products from the sea, freshness is fundamental and, in this case, it cannot be anything less. The turbot must be very fresh. Only top quality will do. This is so important that, if  we didn’t find the quality we were looking for, we would opt for another alternative that ensured us the freshness we demand. Today we have a superlatively fresh turbot. Let’s see how it’s made…

For today’s dish, to make a single serving, we will cut the fish into fillets. We need two. Meanwhile, we will prepare our lobster filling, which is what we’ll spread between the fillets of turbot. Without going into too much detail, we’ll make the filling with a base of leeks and minced lobster, flambéed with cognac and some fumet of fish. Once the filling is ready, as we said, we’ll spread it between the fish fillets, place the resulting concoction on an oven tray with a bit of butter and a splash of white wine, and bake it.

 Once the fish has been cooked to tender perfection, it is glazed with a subtle crab sauce and served on a bed of potatoes with a crisp vegetable tempura as its crowning glory.

 Turbot Supreme is very popular and always a hit with our friends who come to the restaurant regularly.

If, after this marvel of marine gastronomy, you feel like something sweet, we recommend a pineapple lasagna.

Bon appétit!

We hope you’ve enjoyed your virtual meal. So long until next week when we’ll bring you more tantalizing prospects with which to keep enjoying your stay in Ibiza.

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