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Fisherman's huts, “Llaüts” and fishing in Ibiza

Por | September 10, 2013 | Sin categoría @en | 0 Comentarios

Today from Tropicana Beach Club blog, we’ll talk about something “very Ibiza”, very traditional and “very sealife”… Traditional fishing in Ibiza, fishermen’s huts, “Llaüts” (typical Ibiza fishermen boats).

Something very typical and traditional in Ibiza are its fishermen’s huts, also called “casetas varadero”, all along the Ibicenco coast. There are small structures that are found in the most remote corners of some coves and beaches, usually built between the rocks. There are made of stone, blocks and wood. In these huts is where the native Ibicencos keep their boats and their traditional fishing gear. There are also very interesting those little handmade access docks between the huts and the sea. As a fact, to make clear the importance of these fishermen’s huts, only in San José (Sant Josep de sa Talaia) there are officially 650 fishermen’s huts in its 80 kilometers long of coast. Some of them are more than 100 years old.

Usually inside these huts is where the “Llaüt” is kept, the fishing boat that has always been used in Ibiza. Despite the many different modern fishing boats there are today, is very normal to see Llaüts all over the sea and coast of Ibiza. There are true popular works of art, and despite the pass of time, there are consistent and stable, which makes them an ideal boat for all types of activities, such as boating or sport fishing.


Is still common to see the Llaüts arrive to the coasts and to the fishing port with freshly caught fish. Grouper, sole fish, “dentón”, “rotja”, “sirvia”… These seafood treasures that the Pitiusan sea gives us and that are still caught in the most traditional ways, such as “el volantín” and “el curricán”.

Fishing in Ibiza, as in many other parts in the Mediterranean, has historically been characterized by being handcrafted. This activity has not only represented a way of life, but also a cultural trait that differentiates these places and its people, from anywhere else.

See you next week with more interesting topics! Have a great week!

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