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Gastronomy of Ibiza. A tempting treasure!!

Por | October 09, 2013 | Recipes | 0 Comentarios

In relation with the traditional gastronomy, Ibiza offers us a very wide range of suggestive ideas, which satisfy without any doubt both our visitors and residents of the island. This week we will introduce you the marvelous traditional gastronomy Ibicenca. One of the most important, attractive aspects of our Mediterranean white island.


Throughout its history, Ibiza received an important legacy of many civilizations (Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs …) that settled in its territory during different periods. Traditions and habits clearly influenced the life and character of the people of this Mediterranean island.

A gastronomy influenced by the sun, the sea and its landscapes. With a large variety in tastes and products, always of the highest quality. An authentic kitchen which is characterized for its use of season products, with nutritious and simple dishes which are being combined with the intelligence of local fruits, the sea and the cultural heritage which we commented before.

 The real treasure of the Ibiza gastronomy are the fresh products, coming from the sea, the country side and the orchard of Ibiza: delicious fish and sea food, meet and game, poultry and eggs, fruits and vegetables, mushrooms and fungi…

 We can conclude that it has a simple kitchen, but at the same time with extensive suggestions. Full of aromas and flavors, which surely please even the most exacting ones. Purely Mediterranean…

 And those dishes, they are fantastic! Rice, as the arròs de matances (rice with pork), fish paellas and calderetas (rice with seafood), guisos (stews) and estofados (which combines meet with vegetables), like the sofrit pagés (spicy meet, sausages and spicy potatoes). Also dishes from fish, the bullit de peix (fish from the rocks, potatoes and a light sauce of aioli) or the la borrida de ratjada (dash), fried pork, squid or octopus, all accompanied with potatoes/french fries and vegetables. Some more incredible dishes are squid stuffed with spicy sauce, la coca de pimientos con gató (a fine slice of pizza with red pepper on it) or pork ribs with cabbage, sweet potatoes and sobrasada (spicy meet)… And so we could continue almost without any end. The offer of the traditional cuisine of Ibiza is really extensive.

 To end our story, we will short mention also the interesting offer of typical desserts, such as the flaó (goat cheese cake with peppermint), the sauce of nadal (broth of chicken, roasted almonds, honey, cinnamon and saffron), or the graixonera (cake made of milk, eggs, soft bread and cinnamon). Many more to be mentioned, but this we will do some other day.

 Enjoy your meal and we will get back to you the coming week with more interesting information.

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