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Today in Tropicana Beach Club, “Bullit de Peix” with “Arroz a Banda”

Por | November 05, 2013 | Recipes | 0 Comentarios

As you already know, almost over the sand of the beach of Cala Jondal and with incredible sea views, is where the Restaurant of Tropicana Beach Club is. A place where you can enjoy a varied and wide range of dishes for all tastes.

From traditional Ibizan and seafood dishes to Mediterranean and international dishes, including some more simple dishes such as pasta, salads and sandwiches. Today we’re bringing to our blog Cuisine and Gastronomy, focusing on a really appreciated dish considered a treasure of the Ibizan and seafood cuisine: “Bullit de Peix” (traditional Ibiza style fish stew) and “Arroz a Banda” (fisherman’s rice). Next we’ll show you some of its secrets.

In a large and deep pan over the hot stove or fire, we saute the vegetables. Once the vegetables are browned, we add the potatoes, always into large wedges, and the saffron. A part, we’ve been preparing a fish broth with the parts of the fish that we won’t be adding to the stew later on. We add the fish broth into the pan with the saute we’ve been doing.

About 20 minutes later, and fire not being very strong, the potatoes should be ready. Then it’s time to put into the pan, the secret of this dish. The fresh Ibizan rock fish (grouper, “rotja” and monkfish. You can use other ones, but always fresh rock fish). This Ibizan fish, with no doubt, is what makes the difference, and makes this dish be delightful and one of the strong points of our cuisine. In about five minutes it should be ready. But never let the fish get overdone!

Meanwhile you’re enjoying this delightful dish at the table, in the kitchen, in a wide paella pan, we’ll saute some onions with cuttlefish, afterward we’ll add rice, and it will also be sauted. And just a few moments later we’ll add the broth of the stew. Just the exact amount for leaving a thin layer of rice in the wide paella pan. And just like all the rice-based dishes are done in Ibiza, it will be finished cooking in the oven, to create that “toasty” upper layer of rice so characteristic. The “Arroz a Banda”, simply delicious.

We’ve given you some hints for preparing this wonderful Ibicenco dish. But if you don’t want to complicate yourselves and just enjoy, we’ll be waiting for you at Tropicana restaurant on the beach of Cala Jondal.

Bon Apetit! See you next week and have a good one!

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